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Young Guns
The Young Guns page is for us to give our younger members a place to show off their cars and tell us what they have planned for them. This is not limited to younger members that have cars. We also honor young ones that helps older Cougar owners work on their cars as well. We want to hear from you.  


Shawn's Story

Shawn's Cougar has been in his family for 10 years. The car was originally given to him so that the wiring could be re-done. The car is a 1968 Dan Gurney Special with a 302 2v. It has new paint, a new vinyl top and wheels.

Mike's Story

My name is Mike Nembrotti, I’m 18 years old and a freshman at NJIT studying for Architecture. One summer my dad, Stu Nembrotti, was working in California and decided he wanted to buy a cougar to replace his old 69 that had been off the road for as long as I can remember. So he looked on eBay, he eventually found a gorgeous looking car in Saddle Brook, NJ. We went to look at the car a couple days later, and while we were there my dad realized two things: one, he could never replace his 69, and two he could not pass up this car. Then we came home with the car, I was 15 at the time and still in high school, although I had always had good grades, my dad decided that a little further encouragement never hurt so the car became my get out of high school with good grades carrot on a stick of sorts. Now here I am, fresh out of high school with a Porsche-Red 69 Eliminator clone with a sunroof. I drove it to school one day and every one of my friends shot me a look of disbelief and amazement. We've already put an AOD transmission and 4.11 gears in the rear, and I’m on the home stretch of building a 408 stroker motor to go into it. We've taken down the track a few times, and our best time to date is 15.33 at 90 mph, I can't wait to see what she'll do with that new engine!   

Joe's Story

My name is Joe, I’m 14 and I’m a freshman in high school. Years ago I was watching My Classic Car on speed and they were at a show of Mustangs and Cougars. As soon as I saw one I asked my dad (also called Joe) if he could get one. From there the search began. At 3rd grade we saw a 71 XR7 convertible at a used car dealer on Route 10. Right before we were going to buy it someone beat us and got the car. The 2nd one was in Michigan and I almost got it but the reserve was over $14000. This went on and on until June 2009 when we saw a 1973 XR7 convertible. It was sitting in a lot behind a Ferrari and didn’t have a for sale sign in it so my dad asked if it was for sale. The guy said yes but it didn’t end there. For over 2 months a day to buy the car had to be decided and it needed the neutral starting safety switch removed. Finally at the end of September the car was towed to the house (the brakes were frozen and the pads were gone). About a month after this the car had to be towed to the shop (the brakes froze with the car in the garage and the battery died). At the end of March it was ready to leave the shop and then bad luck, the car gets hit 20 minutes before it was picked up and had to be fixed. The good news, the entire quarter was painted for free and the crack by the convertible trim was fixed. It has been 5 months since we got it back and it runs great. As long as my grades are good I can’t wait to own this car once I’m old enough!